Which Trees Require The Least Amount Of Water

Not all trees are created equal. Some require massive amounts of water to grow their full potential. Others require very little! You may think the larger the tree the more water is required but that is not always the case. Foliage, location, tree type, and more factors all play a role in finding the perfect tree to fit your needs.

Evergreen Trees

Pine trees, oak trees, and cedars are often deep rooting and require very little water. These trees are great to use as windbreakers or create privacy on your property. While pines can be more to manage they provide excellent windbreaks and privacy. Most cedars are drought resistant and require a lot less over the course of their lifetime than other trees, and can even do better with smaller amounts of water in the long run. The beauty of evergreens is that they often grow quickly and can provide both shade and privacy faster than you would imagine. In 3-4 years they could be providing shade for you and your family.

Southwest Trees

While not native to New Jersey they have adapted to less and less water with the desertification of the southwest over time. Mesquites and Palo Verde trees require VERY little water because of their climates. While these trees may not all be suitable for the Northeast trees have wide ranges of plant hardiness zones. These zones often reach far into the northeast and many trees that are not common can thrive in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Zone 7 which reaches deep into the southwest, southern New Mexico, and Arizona, is also shared with New Jersey! Make sure that when you are tree shopping you look at all of the options in your zone not just your location.

While Mesquites are an option Acacia trees are another option. Just because they can grow doesn’t mean that they will grow to their fullest potential. Southwest trees not in their native habitat, like everything, will require special attention and have unique needs. Having the prettiest and most unique trees in the area may just be worth it if you’re willing to put in the work!

Deciduous Trees

While the range of deciduous trees is expansive and would be hard to list all the great trees for our New Jersey region there are a few that stand out. Elm trees are one of our favorites as they grow quite tall and as they mature spread their branches to provide a large amount of shade. Not to mention elm trees are one of the most beautiful mature trees and are often used in movies, logos, infographics, and art. Elms use less water for their size than other deciduous trees as well.

The White Ash is another beautiful tree that grows to over 50+ feet if you are looking to make a statement with your trees. The colors in fall are a wide range from purple to yellow and most things in between. This tree requires extra care but in our opinion is worth the effort as a mature white ash is a sight to behold in fall, and 2-3 in a yard can change a neighborhood.

If you are looking for the right tree, tree management, or cleanup as your trees get damaged please give us a call at Friendly Tree. We are always happy to help you create and maintain the perfect yard with beautiful trees.