Where You Place Your Tree Matters: Landscape The Right Way

When first starting a landscaping project many people start low and work high. Flowers, bushes, vines, and finally trees. This works well if you are starting a small project. However, this is like redecorating by starting with your accent pillows in your living room and working up to the larger pieces. While doable, you may have difficult decisions towards the end of your project.

There are a few major questions to ask yourself when picking out the location, and type, of your trees.

What Weather Does Your House Receive?

Hot and sunny? You may want a shade tree to picnic under with your family or to cool off underneath. There is an added benefit when your tree matures, if placed correctly, can lower your cooling bill in those hot summer months! Make sure when planting a tree that has roots that like to spread that you plant then ideally at least 20 feet away from your foundation. While not all tree roots go out, it’s better to be safe than sorry, or double-check to make sure your tree’s mature root footprint is minimal. Keep an eye out for balconies, electric wires, and rooflines that a growing tree might mature into and stay clear.

Let’s Talk About Privacy Trees

While it may not be your main goal in landscaping and placing new shrubs and trees, privacy can come into play. Italian Cypress staggered can create a beautiful, and stunning, way of creating a privacy screen from the street as well as in your backyard. Evergreens are often used as they stay full year-round. Privacy trees and shrubs also do a great job of being a wind block if you live in an area that often gets wni.

Show Stopper Trees

Maybe you want to create a beautiful statement in your backyard you can look forward to every spring or fall. Trees that change dramatically with the seasons are always a hit if you don’t mind raking up the leaves! If you are looking for something that lets you know when spring has arrived look no further than the iconic cherry blossom tree. Coming in a wide range of colors including purple, pink, and white. This will guarantee to brighten up your front or backyard.

No matter what you are looking for Friendly Tree recommends bringing in an expert that can help you make the right decision for your property. We specialize in trees and are happy to help remove, plant, and even help you place the tree in the perfect spot. Make your home not only more comfortable, but potentially cost-efficient, and stand out the way you want it to! Call us today to see how we can help make your landscaping dreams come true.