How To Remove A Tree Stump From Your Yard

There are three main ways of removing a tree stump from your property. The first is to hire a professional tree service company like Friendly Tree, the second is to grind the stump down, and the last is to remove the entire remaining part of the tree in its entirety. We’ll go over the three in detail to help you make the right decision.


Hiring A Professional For Tree Stump Removal

The benefits of hiring professionals are clear and obvious. A professional has removed thousands of tree stumps. They know exactly how to remove a tree stump and the proper way to remove said stump based on its location, age, and growth pattern on your property all while being thoughtful about what you may want to do with the space post removal.

Some of the benefits are:

  1. No time requirement
    • Hiring a professional allows you to continue with your daily life. Whether that’s a busy and hectic family schedule or just more time to relax we’ve got you covered. Many do-it-yourself stump removers find a “quick” removal ends up taking an entire weekend or two.
  2. Done the right way
    • Your first time clearing a stump from your property can cause more of a headache than it’s worth. Leaving you with a half-ground stump, broken tools, and time wasted.
  3. It’s ultimately safer
    • Removing a stump can require tools and actions that can cause the space to be unsafe for novices or those unfamiliar with working with potentially heavy machinery. Not to mention many thrown out backs have happened during the stump removal process.
  4. Get the outcome you want
    • A professional also allows you to get the exact outcome you are looking for. Whether that’s a perfectly ground stump or the removal and backfill of the area the stump once held to make sure it looks like that tree was never there.

The Stump Grind Removal Process

With stump grinding a large tool is brought in and turns the stump into wood chips. The machine is worked slowly back and forth to break apart the stump.

The tree roots with grinding are not removed, while they do break down this can take time and ultimately end up with pockets underground that have nothing in them as time passes by. This can cause your yard to be uneven with time, or worst case leads to an injury such as a twisted ankle.

The Entire Tree Stump Is Removed

This requires digging up the entire tree stump. This is more labor-intensive than the grinding method. After the stump is removed the roots are often removed as well. While more effort is spent vs grinding you are left with a new canvas on your property to turn into what you will. No evidence that a tree was there will remain. Simply backfilling with dirt and planting down new grass seeds or rolling out new grass to match your yard can work. You can also simply backfill with dirt and over time the grass will spread to the new soil.


The options leave you with different outcomes and all can be performed as a DIY. The knowledge and skill gap associated with a novice performing a tree stump removal or grinding due to the heavy machinery makes us recommend hiring a professional. If you are in need of a stump being entirely removed or ground down give Friendly Tree a call.