5 Signs Your Tree Needs Pruning

While some signs may seem obvious, there is a right time, place, and action for every pruning opportunity. Making sure to prune at the right time can save you a lot of hassle down the line.

Unhealthy Or Dead Limbs

Dead limbs are the perfect breeding ground for insects and varmints to wiggle their way in. Often time this is a clear indication that you already have an issue, usually located on the inside through different insects. Diseased limbs should be removed to save the rest of the tree. Trees are just like humans, waiting to see if it gets better is often the wrong idea. Especially when you can see an infection setting in.

Trees And Electricity

They don’t mix. Trees can grow into weird places, sometimes into corners of homes, through homes, inside of homes even. Other times it’s not so conspicuous. A tree that grows near a powerline may escape your notice as it continues to grow.

Tree branches that are under, near, or especially above powerlines or electricity, in general, can become a hazard quickly. Every year thousands of people are left powerless when tree branches are broken by snow, ice, and wind onto powerlines. Not only can this cause you and your neighborhood to lose power. It can also be extremely dangerous with a live powerline down.

Make sure to do your best and hire a professional like Friendly Tree to take care of dangerous branch and tree removal when it comes to live powerlines.

Broken Branches

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but broken branches, especially in old-growth trees can cause serious damage to you, a loved one, and your property. Any damaged branches should be flat-out removed.

If there is an opportunity to remove limbs from a branch that has too much weight this may be a solution but if the branch is broken its best to remove it altogether

A Fast Growing Tree

A healthy tree is a tree that grows quickly and looks amazing in your front yard. A fast-growing tree can cause limbs and branches to become weak as nutrients are being spread too thin. Pruning back a fast-growing tree can make it healthier, in the long run, maintain its shape, and reduce the level of property damage in the future.

It’s also a lot easier to prune and shape a tree when it’s younger than as it grows older and requires you to be 30 feet in the air.

Thin, Feeble Branches

We’ve already touched on this a few times above, but a thin branch won’t hold up very well in strong weather. If you see an area of a tree underperforming, it may be best to reduce and remove the weaker parts of a strong and healthy tree.

If you are not sure if a branch or part of a tree should be removed give us at Friendly Tree a call for an expert onsite opinion.