Tree Stump Grinding & Stump Removal


Tree Stump Grinding

Generally when a tree is removed the trunk is cut low to the ground and the remaining part of the tree trunk where it meets the root flares is commonly referred to as the stump of the tree. In naturalized wooded areas stumps may not be as noticeable or pose a possible threat and you have options to leave the stump to rot out naturally. In more finished landscapes and near public gathering spaces etc. we recommend the stump be mechanically ground to below the surface grade for many reasons. If a tree stump is left in the center of a pristine lawn many feel it is unattractive. If you choose to replace the tree that has been removed the stump and roots will be in the way of the new tree. When a tree stump is near a home or patio If the stump remains it becomes fodder for insects, fungal and bacterial growth and can represent a health hazard. Tree stumps and their associated roots can be a tripping hazard.

polaroid-stump-grinder1Friendly Tree Experts has 100 horse power stump grinders that are capable of grinding the largest hard wood stumps and being on 6 wheels and articulated we can access tough to reach stumps. We have the ability to lift in our stump grinders by crane to get to the most limited access areas as well.

When stumps are ground we generally grind them to either just below the surface grade so they are not noticeable or when able we will grind them as deep as 12+ inches below the grade. This allows you to repurpose this space unencumbered by the stump and roots. When a stump is ground to below grade the resulting wood chip mulch is left piled in the hole that was created by the grinding process. We recommend that this material sit in the hole and settle for 2-3 months as the wood chips begin the decomposition process. Fresh wood chips short term steal nitrogen and nutrients from the organics in the area before they begin to break down. The wood chips can be used once the nitrogen steal is complete and can be spread in planting beds, gardens, walkways and paths also along property lines and fence lines as weed control.

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