Landscaping With Trees

Trees and Their Landscaping

Often a tree can make or break your home or office’s landscape. Trees can provide unique opportunities to highlight an area. One benefit of strategically placed trees is the shade from those trees can protect you and your family on hot summer days. On the other hand, the amount of shade can make utilizing the space with other plants and landscaping ideas difficult. We’ll go over some options you have in order to make the most out of your yard.

A Dirt Landscape

Shade from larger and denser canopies can oftentimes lead to a grassless area underneath your tree. This is common when heavy branches block light from reaching the ground. This area will be dirt, with layers of fallen foliage, or other plant parts that have accumulated over time. Plants fight heavily for resources in nature, and this is true for most home yards as well.  Adding mulch below your tree can be a way to spruce up an area that won’t grow grass or other plants without intensive maintenance and care. Mulch is also a cheap and effective way to make your yard look well maintained and comes in many colors for design options. Make sure to cover the area with a few inches of mulch and not pile the mulch up onto the trunk of a tree.

Shade Tolerant Planting

While plants often compete for resources, shade tolerant plants can thrive underneath trees in shaded areas. Make sure you research or use trusted and experienced professionals when planning for a shaded area. Plants are living things and are very sensitive to the amount of light needed to survive and thrive. Often using a professional can be the most cost-effective option when compared to buying new plants over and over while trying to figure out what grasses, flowers, and shrubs will survive in a shaded area.

Pollinators around your Trees

Many people want to add color under and around their trees to make the space stick out. There is a large list of colorful flowers that you can plant under or near a tree that can not only survive but thrive in shade or partial light environments. This is also a great way to sustain pollinators, like bees and butterflies, so that they thrive in your area.

When To Call A Landscaping Professional

If you’ve tried to fix that dirt patch under your trees before. If you have struggled with plants dying in areas with too much shade. If you want more color, and extra flowers or greenery in shade or shade adjacent areas. If you want to boost your landscaping, and curb appeal with light you might want to call a professional like Friendly Tree

While many landscaping projects can be accomplished by DIY’ers over a few weekends. Areas with significant shade or constant problem areas are great reasons to bring in professional landscapers.

Not only do we have the team and the tools, but Friendly Tree also has years of expertise. Call us today for the perfect solution and design for your landscaping needs.