What Is Mulch Blowing?

When it comes to maintaining a visually appealing property, you can’t go wrong with mulch. But beyond its overall aesthetic, mulch has a wide range of functional purposes. In fact, when properly used around plants or in garden beds, it can be the key to a healthy landscape.

That’s why it’s important to take advantage of professional mulch blowing services. Here, we’ll discuss what mulch blowing is—and how it can be a gamechanger for your trees and garden.

What is the Purpose of Mulch?

Many homeowners like mulch for its decorative qualities. After all, it can help your property look tidy, fresh, and attractive. But if you dig a little deeper (pun intended), you’ll see that mulch is essential for a thriving landscape.

For starters, mulch protects the soil from direct sunlight. This reduces evaporation, which retains moisture in the soil. It also controls soil temperature, prevents soil erosion, and keeps weeds at bay. (Weeds require warmth and sunlight—just like your own plants.) As a result, your trees and garden are more likely to flourish.

What is Mulch Blowing?

Mulch blowing is a method used for installing mulch. It involves a truck with a specially engineered airlock system, mulch, and hose. During installation, the system uses air to blow mulch through the hose.

With this technique, mulch can be applied in a precise manner. It also makes it easy to apply the material in an even layer. This is crucial for ensuring that it’s not tightly packed or installed in excess. Otherwise, water won’t be able to make its way to the soil.

As for the actual layer of mulch? Depending on the job, our technicians can install mulch layers as thin as ¼-inch or as thick as 5 inches (or more).

Plus, compared to applying mulch by hand, mulch blowing is extremely fast. It can even install mulch up to 300 feet away! So if you have a large property, mulch blowing will be the most efficient option.

Mulch Blowing FAQs

Understandably, you may have some questions and concerns about mulch blowing. Here’s how Friendly Tree handles common concerns:

  • Remote Areas. If some parts of your property are remote, don’t worry! Since our trucks have 300 feet of hose, we can reach any remote spots.
  • Walls and fences. For an extra fee, we can add another hose to our existing one. This can create a hose up to 500 feet, so we can work over walls and fences with ease.
  • Mess and dust. Some mess is inevitable when installing mulch, topsoil, or compost. However, our professional technicians are trained in applying these products in the most concise way possible. Moreover, our trucks have dust suppression systems. We’ll also use portable blowers and brooms to tidy up when we’re done.
  • Existing plants. Before our technicians begin mulch blowing, they’ll examine your landscape and determine the best way to approach the job. We’ll consult you if there are any plants or trees of concern.

Contact Friendly Tree for Mulch Blowing in New Jersey

To learn more about mulch blowing, contact our friendly team at Friendly Tree. We can explain how the process may look for your landscape, as well as bulk pricing. Fill out our online form or call us at (973) 678-8888.