What Are The Best Front Yard Trees?

Have you ever wondered what the best tree for your front yard should be? There are over 60,000+ different types of trees in the world and each one has its unique characteristics. Some are better for the east coast yard and this is one of our favorites.  

The Oak Tree

The oak tree is one of the most perfect trees of all time. Why? They are strong, sturdy in a storm, and can provide benefits to your entire property. From cooling down your home in the dog days of summer by blocking the sun for extended periods of time. To providing shelter to wildlife in your neighborhood.

While some homeowners worry about the size of limbs of oak trees and the potential for falling during winter storms causing damage. With proper tree maintenance and care, they can provide an overwhelming list of benefits with little risk.

With over 600 different types of oak species, there is a breathtakingly large variety of oak trees available to match your home and property perfectly. Oak trees can also be deciduous or evergreen trees. With Deciduous oak tree’s leaves changing in the fall and falling off. Other oak species, evergreen ones, continue to have green leaves year-round.

Depending on your style or preference you may prefer a tree that changes colors along with the rest of your neighborhood. If you are looking for more privacy or sheltering benefits for your property an evergreen tree may be the way to go.

What Size Oak Are You Looking For?

Depending on the size of your yard or your goals for your tree you may want to look at different species as well. You may know you aren’t in your forever home and are looking for a quick-growing oak to add character to your yard for better resell value. The bur oak grows on average of 7-8 inches a year and would still look like a sapling 5 years later. While a Nuttall oak can grow up to 4 feet a year, and sometimes more! Planning your trees to fit the needs of your family, property, and future is key.

Did you know that some of the shortest oaks can be just 30 feet tall? If you live in a ranch-style home with a minimal yard you may look for a Japanese evergreen oak. If you happen to have a large amount of land or want a statement piece that will make friends and family use their sunroof on their way down the driveway. A white oak may be exactly what you are looking for. White oaks can reach over 100 feet in height and are beautiful trees in their early stages and as they mature.

Oak Tree Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, oak trees can last not only a lifetime but for generations to come. Most oaks prefer the following:

  • Well-draining soil
  • Full sun all day every day
  • Seasonal changes
  • While some trees do well year-round with very little temperature change. Oak’s often do well with the natural changing of the seasons.
  • Receiving precipitation in the winter can allow for no watering is needed for your oak tree during the colder months!
  • Pruning
    • Depending on the type of oak you get this will change.
    • Deciduous oaks often need annual pruning to make sure they are growing in the direction you want and maintain great tree health.
  • Limbs can become diseased or grow too large for their own good, leaving them susceptible during winter storms of breaking.
  • Evergreen oaks can often go a lifetime without ever receiving a pruning. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance tree that provides great privacy an evergreen oak may be the perfect choice for you.
  • Fertilizer and Tree Nutritional Health
    • Just like babies and kids, tree nutrition at the younger stages is extremely important.
    • Fertilizing early spring and in the fall are perfect times to help trees reach their full potential and mature trees continue to stay healthy through all seasons.

Going Traditional

And If you want to go traditional the oak is the perfect tree as the red oak is the official state tree of New Jersey! The red oak is a fast-growing tree that provides a large amount of shade, beautiful colors in the fall, and needs very little maintenance in comparison to other more meticulous oaks.

No matter which tree you decide from our list of options an oak tree is a perfect tree for your New Jersey home. While other options may exist, the oak in all its varieties is hard to beat.