How To Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays! If you’ve ever wanted to celebrate and go the authentic route, here are the steps to make sure you cut the perfect tree safely. One of the most satisfying things on Christmas growing up was getting ready to go pick out the perfect tree as a family and helping to cut it down for the living room.

Make Sure Your Tree Is The Right Size

While it may seem like a great idea to go cut down the biggest and grandest tree of them all. It may not fit in your living room. Make sure to measure your space ahead of time so that you can find the perfect tree that fits you and your family’s needs.

Make sure to get the height of the tree but just as important is the width of the tree as well. While it is great to have a tree that doesn’t hug the ceiling. It’s often forgotten that trees come in all shapes and sizes. Making sure your tree isn’t hanging over a table or armchair is just as important.

Check If You Need A Permit

While there are tree farms that you can go to and pay to cut down your own tree others enjoy the experience of going out into the forest to find the perfect one. If this is what you are planning on doing make sure to check to see if you need a permit! Permits are oftentimes required, relatively cheap, but usually limited to a certain amount. This helps the forest service continue to provide forest management, trail management, and wildlife management. Make sure you’re helping keep our planet green while enjoying some in the comfort of your own home, and remember you don’t need a permit for trees on your own property!

Get There Early

While not always allowed it has become more common. Make sure to head out early, especially to a tree farm, and claim your tree ahead of time. This allows you to cut it at the right time but still get the tree you want that fits your home. Claiming your tree ahead of time also allows you to not cut your tree too early. Christmas trees once cut have a life of around 3 weeks so make sure to time your cut and take home ahead of time to make sure you get the best experience and don’t end up with a dead tree when Christmas finally arrives. To guarantee an excellent tree, consider planting evergreens on your own property.

Tip: In the first 2-3 days the tree needs a LOT of water. Often a few gallons a day. After this, the water necessary will drop, but make sure to give your Christmas tree what it needs at the beginning.

Wear The Right Gear

It often will be cold, you’ll be handing saw blades or a chainsaw and will need to wear protective gear as well as eye protection. If you’re going the chainsaw route, we recommend wearing ear protection as well.

Cutting Your Christmas Tree

  1. Cut as close to the ground as you reasonably can. This allows the tree to potentially grow again out of the stump helping the ecosystem.
  2. Have a sharp cutting tool Nothing is tougher to do than cutting down a tree with a dull blade. It’s a lesson you won’t have to be taught twice. Properly sharpened equipment can make your experience timely and much more easy to accomplish.
  3. Have someone pull the tree from the opposite side. Most Christmas trees will not be over 10 feet. We recommend getting some help from a family or a friend to ease the pressure on the blade allowing you to cut or saw more effectively.

Clean Your Tree

Congratulations! You’ve got your tree cut, make sure to give it a good shake and pull it stump forward back to your vehicle. Shaking and cleaning your tree causes small branches, leaves, dirt, and insects to be forced from the tree that way you don’t bring in the forest to your home. A tree farm will often provide this service for you. Tie it stump forward onto your vehicle or trailer and enjoy!

Remember, a small strip of land next to your house can provide your very own Christmas Tree “farm”. It’s easier than you think, and we are here to help! Here at Friendly Tree, we wish everyone a happy holiday and hope that the rest of the year is the best of your year.