Arbor Day 2021

Arbor Day has never been more important than in 2021. With changes in climate being a topic on many people’s minds, and the changes to our local environments, everyone can do their part by repopulating their areas with tree planting. From your local neighborhood, all the way to the Amazon Rainforest, planting a tree this Arbor day can help the environment and make your front yard more visually appealing.

How Did Arbor Day Start?

Originally started In the 1870’s Arbor Day has been radically transformed and has taken on a very different meaning. What initially was meant as a program for Nebraska to start repopulating lost trees, has turned into an international holiday that millions participate in every year.

The Morton family moved to Nebraska in the mid 1800’s and quickly started to recognize the importance of trees and plants in their surroundings. J. Sterling Morton, the father in said family, began writing and editing for the first newspaper in Nebraska and often mentioned that more trees would provide benefits to the land and its residents. The state government of Nebraska took notice and eventually made it a state holiday. The first of its kind! Other surrounding states quickly saw the benefits and started the tradition of planting trees each year on the last Friday in April as well. Today, all 50 states and Puerto Rico now have state holidays for Arbor Day along with 43+ more countries celebrating nationally around the globe!

The Benefits of Planting Trees this Arbor Day

Planting trees around your house has benefits to your wallet too, not only can it increase the value of your property by 7-19% according to HGTV, and they can also help with keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter by up to 25% according to the Department of Energy.

Proper tree conservation and planting help with soil conservation and nutrition, water filtering, reduces dust storms, grows edible food, captures carbon, and can protect crops and animals from hard-to-handle weather.

Tree roots are one of nature’s ways of purifying water whether around your house, for rivers and streams, they also stop erosion from happening which can change the topography of the land quickly to keep your yard looking great!

While also helping the environment, trees can help us in other ways too! Trees often provide commonly eaten nuts and fruits for you and your family to eat. Many people remember growing up with fruit trees in their parents or grandparents back yards. In addition to the benefits to your bottom line mentioned above there’s nothing quite like recreating those memories with your own children and seeing the “fruits” of your labor with a fruit or nut tree of your own.

Changes in Climate are Expected

What matters now more than ever when it comes to tree planting is preparing your home for changes in climate. Even one tree can change the ecosystem around your house, providing shelter for local animals like hummingbirds, and producing shade to keep your family and pets cool in the summer.  Being apart of Arbor Day 2021 goes much further than your yard though. Over 250 million Arbor Day trees have been planted with over 43 different countries participating! All the way to Egypt actively fighting back the encroaching desertification with the Great Green Wall. To China’s Arbor Day on March 12th with weddings commonly being held the day before to start a new relationship and new life with the planting of trees.

No matter your what or why for planting trees this Arbor Day, Friendly Tree can help, and you can have an impact to your bottom line, property value, and local ecosystem. If you are interested Contact Us Here to see how we can get you the trees you need this Arbor Day, or any day this year!