5 Common Mistakes People Make When Removing Trees

Removing a tree seems like a big, yet relatively simple job, but that is not necessarily so. While is can be done by anyone with a little willpower and strength, it is best to leave it to the professionals because there are so many mistakes that can be made in the removal process.

  1. Not removing the stumps: Leaving the stump after removing a tree is asking for an infestation of insects, and potentially the worst kind – Termites. Termites can move from the stump into your home causing inconvenience and potential detriment to your home.
  2. Not wearing the right protective gear: At the minimum, hard hats, goggles, and gloves should be worn at all times. A hard hat will protect your head in the event that a branch falls or the tree happens to go in the wrong direction. Goggles will protect the eyes from debris falling from the tree or spit out by the chainsaw. Tree surfaces are rough and gloves are vital to protecting your hands against the trunk and the right gloves can even help save your hand if you get too close to a saw.
  3. Lack of awareness: Someone removing a tree should always be aware of their surroundings. There may be roots, cords, rocks, etc. that can be tripped over. When operating a chainsaw, you most certainly don’t want an unexpected fall with a running chainsaw landing on you. Always make sure that you have the chain locked when not cutting or when walking around because a split second of forgetfulness or becoming unaware of what is around you, could be life-threatening.
  4. Removing the “wrong” trees: Homeowners should consider the state and location of the tree they are hoping to remove. Dead and dying trees, or trees with sickness should be properly removed. However, some trees could leave a negative and expensive effect on your overall landscape. Consider how much work and money you want to put into your landscaping after removal.
  5. Not planning and escape: When felling a tree, it’s best to do so in the direction it is leaning, because that is likely the way it will fall. There are times when a tree doesn’t fall the way that you expect it to and you must be alert and aware of how to get out of danger. Find an escape in either direction that the tree may fall and be prepared to use it.

Tree removal can be beneficial to the health and beauty of a landscape, but it’s important to consider that there are times that things go wrong. If removing a tree yourself, consider the risks and common mistakes that are made before you move forward. Professionals are well-equipped, experienced, and prepared to handle almost any situation.

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