New Jersey Tree Stump Grinding

The Art and Science of Arboriculture speaks mainly to tree pruning which requires very specific skills and knowledge. Tree pruning of shade trees and pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs must be done to the ANSI Z133 standard which outlines particular approaches and methods of pruning very specific portions of trees to accomplish a particular goal. Crown Cleaning is tree pruning that limits the density of a crown of a tree allowing for severe wind and weather. This lightens the impacting and potential damage as well as allowing sun light to enter the interior of the canopy and to reach the ground. This type of tree pruning is focused on health, safety and as a positive byproduct aesthetic  beauty.

Trees pruning when done improperly is worse than not pruning a tree at all. If trees are pruned without knowledge of the type of tree, the limitations of healing opportunities etc. it can damage a tree to the point it becomes a hazard or even kill the tree. Then the tree must be removed and the stump ground. Stump grinding is generally done to reduce the opportunity for insects to breed in the stump and speed the rotting process as well many other reasons to perform stump grinding.

Certain types of trees and shrubs need to be pruned at certain times of the year and other types cannot be pruned at the same time. It is essential to know the variety of tree that is to be pruned as even expert pruning is “wounding” a tree. As arborists tree pruning is both art and science and we take pride in finely crafting and exacting both! As mentioned before when trees are incorrectly pruned and the tree removal is necessary, the tree stump grinding process is important as well. Certain tree types of tree stumps when ground we must remove the stump grindings to grade as the material may be toxic to the garden beds.

Pin Oak trees are wonderful large shade trees that when trained as saplings will grow straight and linear with a lovely spade shape when there is one dominant stem. When there is a co-dominant stem tree pruning and support cabling may be required. A co-dominant stem or a split crotch as some may know it is an inherent flaw prone to fracturing and splitting. Tree pruning can save the trees life. Crown cleaning and thinning of interior secondary (sucker) growth as well as tree pruning known as tip reduction can help to reduce physical force and stress pulling apart the damaged crotch. Tree cabling and bracing combined with appropriate tree pruning can greatly limit the potential for the tree failing or falling as well encourage a more balanced growth pattern and aesthetic for your New Jersey Landscape.

As North Jersey tree pruning specialists we pride ourselves on taking the time to prune your trees and shrubs the way they need to be pruned, when they need to be pruned and speak to the trees and shrubs physiology during the tree pruning process. The outcome of our tree pruning and shrub pruning process leaves your new jersey landscape clean, beautiful, safe and healthy. Spring is here look up and take note of your trees condition. With such a severe winter damage is possible and now is the clearest time to see if the trees are vigorous and healthy. Tree pruning  in the spring can be the perfect time to aid damaged or declining trees. Are Your Trees Friendly is our Tree Health and Safety / Hazard awareness program. Have your local tree expert come out and inspect your trees and shrubs.

This spring as you research which types of garden and landscape mulch is best for your new jersey landscape visit as a good resource. In your planting beds if there are tree stumps and tree roots call friendly tree today to perform stump  grinding and stump removal services for your yard.