New Jersey Tree Pruning

Friendly Tree is the premiere New Jersey tree pruning choice for those who are serious about having beautiful, well manicured trees at an affordable cost.

What is Tree Pruning?

rsz_1rsz_depositphotos_21861927_original-e1430283496171If you ever saw a big beautiful tree and wondered at its size and shape likely it was due to Tree Pruning and maintenance pruning. Often times mother nature needs assistance whereby we thoughtfully remove dead and damaged tree limbs. We also prune trees for a more manicured or balanced shape not just for aesthetic beauty but also to physically balance the weight distribution of the trees canopy and limit the “sail effect”. We prune trees in New Jersey to reduce the surface area of the leaves to limit potential wind damage.  Shaping trees and pruning trees limits the area of the “sail” and keeps them safe and healthy. Tree pruning and tree shaping also can naturally invigorate a trees growth pattern and or reduce it depending on the means of tree pruning or the time of year we prune or shape trees. We prune shrubbery and ornamental plants and grasses as well!

Tree Removal

Tree removal in New Jersey is often times a necessity because tree pruning is not effective if a tree is dead or severely damaged. Trees are removed by our professional, trained and insured crews of men who make every effort to limit potential damage to surrounding plants, structures and landscaping. Tree removal can be done in several ways. One of the safest means to remove a tree is by crane or cherry picker where we can remove tree limbs and remove large logs as they are fixed to a crane which can lower very heavy trees to a safe place to be processed and recycled. Once trees are removed we can quickly safely and cleanly grind tree stumps and remove tree stumps to allow you to replant trees or replant a lawn to avoid a rotting stump that will become a breeding ground for insects. Friendly tree recycles any and all organic debris arising from tree pruning, tree shaping, tree removal or stump grinding or stump removal. All of this organic debris is then processed at our DEP approved organic recycling yard and turned into premium landscape mulch and garden mulch products.

Garden Mulch Landscape Mulch

Our garden and landscape mulch is of the highest quality guaranteed! Brown mulch, black mulch, cherry brown mulch, red mulch, hemlock mulch, cedar mulch, black and red cedar are all free from any metal, rocks, garbage and as always garden mulch and landscape mulch is delivered the same day or next day  to most of northern new jersey. Garden mulch not only looks great in the new jersey landscape but it also helps keep down weeds, holds moisture in the soil and around plants and trees but also keeps the soil cool and well drained. As our garden mulch naturally breaks down it feeds the soil and introduces bio available nutrients to your new jersey plants and trees.

What is an arborist or new jersey certified tree expert?

An arborist by definition is a person trained in the art and science of tree care. The study is called arboriculture and deals with plants and large woody plants (trees) their physical structure, needs, care, maintenance and an understanding of how the trees need to be treated for a variety of insect, bacterial, and fungal issues. Certification is by training and education as well as practical experience in the field of tree care and only those with a serious understanding of the art and science of tree care can even apply for certification.  New Jersey Certified Tree Experts are certified and licensed by the New Jersey Department of environmental protection.

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