Ground Screened Compost


Friendly Tree Ground Screened Compost

$18 per Cubic Yard

Our NJ Screened Compost can enrich your soil with bioavailable nutrients and great mixed organic matter. Our compost is ground and screened to approx. 3/8″ so no large pieces of organic material overwhelm the finished product, and is composed of composted leaves and other organic material which can dramatically improve overall drainage and soil aeration.

Our Screened Compost can add essential elements needed for lawn, plant, and treegrowth. Composted leaves are high in trace elements which soil needs and usually contain a higher level of mineral content than chicken scratch and manure composts.

Friendly Tree‘s Screened Compost is excellent at retaining moisture, reducing water evaporation and has natural properties than can attract desirable soil micro-organisms all while maintaining a more even temperature of your NJ soil.

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