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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Thoughtful, healthy maintenance of trees, including tree pruning, cutting, and trimming, is important in both addressing…

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

The removal of obstructive trees in our neighborhoods and cities is an essential service to the safety and serenity of modern society…

Tree Planting

Tree Removal

We’ve been planting large specimen trees in New Jersey for 27 years. We take the time to select the most appropriate specimens for your NJ Landscape…

Landscape Mulch


Our high-quality lineup of recycled, organic products provides the finest hardwood mulch free from large twigs, leaf debris, rocks, metal etc. . .

Stump Grinding

Tree Service

Friendly Tree Experts has 100 horse power stump grinders that are capable of grinding the largest hard wood stumps, and being on 6 wheels. . .

Free Tree Health & Safety Inspections

Crane Service

Trees are faced with a myriad of problems and potential for damage all day every day in our urban and suburban forests. Bugs (insects), blight, disease. . .

Crane Service

Crane Service

Friendly Tree Service offers a professional crane and bucket service and a wide variety of tree services, including tree removal…

Proudly providing New Jersey tree service since 1989.

Northern New Jersey Locations and Service Areas

Our northern New Jersey locations include Orange, Montclair, Madison, Rutherford, Union, New Providence, and Morristown.

Expert Tree Care Services

We are proud to provide expert tree care services to our customers, including new jersey tree pruning, tree removal, tree cranes, cherry pickers, and tree stump grinding as well as mulch and topsoil delivery.